• Update: March, 07, 2016


Vairotsana was born in Central Tibet in the Nyemo district in Jekhar. He was sent to India to bring back the Dzogchen texts and transmission by King Trisong Detsen. After great hardship he arrived in Uddiyana and near the Dhanakosha Lake, in a sandalwood forest, he found Sri Singha living in a nine storied pagoda. After passing a protective yogini to whom he demonstrated his powers, Vairotsana attained audience with Sri Singha who heard his plea for the effortless Dzogchen teaching and asked for time to think about it. The next morning Vairotsana returned and Sri Singha promised him the Atiyoga doctrines. After, Vairotsana learned Mind series and Space Series from Sri Singha. Then Vairotsana found the Acharya Garab Dorje and he received the entire sixty-four hundred thousand Dzogchen verses. Simultaneously with this transmission he attained liberation and nirvana and the highest siddhi and he returned to Tibet by speed-walking. After returning Tibet, Vairotsana had donated for the dzogchen by translating numerous Dharma articles.