• Update: March, 07, 2016

7. Vimalamitra

Vimalamitra was born in Elephant Grove, an area in the western part of India. He received the transmission of Dzogchen from Sri Singha in China and Jnanasutra in India. He has gained all transmission from Jnanasutra. Moreover, he met Prahevajra seven times in his mindstream and achieved all pitches.  At the 8th century, Vimalamitra was invited by King Trisong Deutsen to Tibet. At that moment, Vimalamitra was 200 years old.  He stayed in Tibet for 13 years and went to Wu Tai Shan Mountain for retreatment. On his departure to Wu Tai Shan Mountain in China, Vimalamitra made the promise to return once every century in order to clarify and propagate the teachings of the secret, innermost essence, Sangwa Nyingtig.