• Update: March, 07, 2016

4. Manjushrimitra

Siddhi-grabha, with the ordination name of Manjusrimitra, was born in an upper class Brahmin Indian. He is the main student of Garab Dorje and had been a resident in Nalanda University. At death of Prahevajra, He imparted his last testament “Three Words that Strike to the Heart of the Essential Point” to Manjusrimitra.  After, he divided the Dzogchenf teachings into three series of Semde, Longde and Manngagde. Moreover, Manjusrimitra has transmitted the Dzogchen teachings to Sri Singha, who is his principal disciple.  When Manjusrimitra showed again in the air after death, he offered a concealed jeweled casket t to Sri Singha. This casket contained manjusrimitra’s quintessential testament "Six Meditation Experiences".