• Update: March, 07, 2016

3. Prahevajra

Prahevajra (also named with Garab Dorje)  was the semi-historical first human teacher of the Dzogchen teachings.  Prior to Prahevajra, theNyingma hold that the Dzogchen teachings had been expounded only in celestial realms and the pure lands of the Buddhas, Devas and Nagas. As son of Su-dharmā, island-dwelling daughter of king Upa-rāja of Dhana-kosa, Prahevajra was born in the land of Uddiyana.He is said to have won dharma debating with 500 intelligent disciples at seven. He had retreat in the valley until 32 years old, where he has received all the Tantras, scriptures and oral instructions of Dzogchen directly from Vajrasattva and Vajrapani. Upon his death, Prahevajra imparted his last testament to Manjushrimitra. These three precepts, known as the "Three Words that Strike to the Heart of the Essential Point" summarize the whole of the Dzogchen teachings: direct introduction, remaining without doubt, and continuing in the non-dual state.