• Update: March, 07, 2016

2. Sambhogakaya Vajrasattva

Vajrasattva is the Sambhogakaya of Dharmakaya Samantabhadra, which is the united top yidam of all Buddha. His Hundred Syllable Mantra has indicated the essence of all mantra of yidam, thus this mantra is called the king of mantra. Praying to Vajrasattva with his Hundred Syllable Mantra is as same as praying to all yidams with their mantras.  In the past, many siddas have used this mantra to purify karma. According to tantric Buddhism, if we correctly perform 100,000 times Hundred Syllable Mantra, we are able to purify all five grave crimes. Therefore, the mantra is called the king of confession. Once Vajrasattva made a great vow that “For those beings who have created crime of Buddhism, when they hear my name, read Hundred Syllable Mnantra or pray to me, I will help them to purify karmas. If this vow does not achieved, I will not reach the Boddhi. I will purify all karma of the person who is in front of me, when I achieve the fruition of buddhahood.”